Digibet betting dispute: player claims ticket change

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A Digibet (unrated) player claims that his betting ticket was changed. SBR dispute analyst Justin breaks down the player's claim that his parlay on an international basketball game had one leg changed substantially. Digibet has not been willing to address the merits of the player's claim, nor the screenshot he has submitted.

A Digibet player told SBR that two parlay bets were placed on a Croatia vs Portugal basketball game. The first wager was placed at 12:59PM and the second was placed an hour later. The player notes that in his first parlay, his betting slip showed Croatia -8.5 as one leg. As he always does, the player screenshotted the wager for his records and proceeded to research his next bet.

After going back into his pending wagers screen, the player states that in his first parlay bet, the wager was changed to Croatia -20.5. He emailed Digibet prior to the start of the event requesting a cancellation. Digibet refused, claiming the player accepted the new handicap. He denies being prompted of a line change. The player provided his screenshot to Digibet, though nothing was done.

SBR followed up with Digibet regarding the player's issue:

Digibet: "The customer's claim is not valid and has been dealt with. Please stop sending us emails. You are not an officially recognized organisation for resolving any sort of customer disputes. If a customer is unhappy about a certain issue and complains with you please feel free to refer him to us and if not satisfied the customer can always use the dispute resolution process via a 3rd independent party as listed on our website.No offense but any further queries from your end will not be dealt with."

After investigation, SBR found that the line indeed opened at 7.5 according to OddsPortal:

Digibet is unwilling to discuss the claim with SBR.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to write to help@sportsbookreview.com. Alternatively, players may submit a sportsbook complaint form, or dial 1-830-255-4677 during normal business hours to speak with a disputes analyst.

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