Dashbet Sportsbook Slow-paying over $50,000

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Five new Dashbet Sportsbook complaints have been reported by users.

Online sportsbook Dashbet is presently giving only generic updates concerning these payout delays.

Players have reported being owed over $50,000 from the betting site, and have been fed a whole host of excuses as to why the withdrawals are not being honored.

No firm updates have been given on when players can expect to receive their funds, or if deposits will stop being accepted in the meantime as the sportsbook cannot handle paying accounts.

Example of the most recent correspondence from Dashbet:

Dashbet:  "In regards with {name redacted} withdrawal concern, we are currently working on processing his withdrawal.  We have also advised and assured him to patiently wait for his withdrawal request, and we will definitely inform him as soon as it has been processed."

Dashbet players in need of assistance are urged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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