Dashbet Sportsbook player owed $2,000

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A Dashbet Sportsbook player has written SBR for assistance.

The player ordered a $2,000 withdrawal on February 9, 2015. He provided SBR with a copy of the transaction ID used to make the payout request.

He has also shared that his account was previously fully verified by Dashbet Sportsbook.

SBR has contacted the betting site to follow up, though this complaint is consistent with other payout complaints submitted by Dashbet users; the largest of which has said he has €32,00 in limbo.

Sportsbook Review reported on February 26 that the betting site provided the following generic statement:

Dashbet: "Thank you for informing us regarding this issues. We regret that we are receiving withdrawal complaints from our valued customers. We will see to it that all withdrawal requests will be done as soon as possible."

Dashbet Sportsbook players in need of assistance should write to SBR at help@sportsbookreview.com.

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