Dashbet Sportsbook payout complaint: Player waiting over one month

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A Dashbet player has filed a complaint against the betting site with SBR.

He put in for his first payout request on December 1st. He is attempting to withdraw €2,500. He has not received a meaningful update from Dashbet.

The player has followed up with DashBet three times since inquiring on the status of his withdrawal.

He has been given only generic updates stating the following:

Dashbet: "Thank you for contacting DashBet. We apologize for the delay of your most recent withdrawal.Do not worry though, as always, we have got your best interests at heart. Please rest assured that will inform you once we have processed your withdrawal."

His ID was fully verified - or so he believes.

Often times, the most common source of delay when processing a payout request from a player, particularly the first ever such request, are either concerns over the integrity of the account and its compliance with terms and conditions or legitimacy of the documents, or, in other cases the online sportsbook may be insolvent.

Dashbet has generally maintained an open line of communication with SBR on payout complaints.

Sportsbook Review will update as any update develops.

Dashbet players in need of payout assistance should write to cases@sportsbookreview.com.

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