Dashbet Sportsbook comments on another slow-pay complaint

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Dashbet Sportsbook has commented on an outstanding payout complaint.

A player has been waiting over three weeks for a €2,500 payout.

He claims to have sent many emails to Dashbet which have went unanswered. He is one of several players who have complained about Dashbet via email and publicly on the SBR forum.

Playbers have taken issue with Dashbet's slow-pays and their failure to honor the time-frame advertised on their website for payouts.

Sportsbook Review pressed Dashbet for answers on the player's complaint, and received the following reply:

Dashbet Sportsbook: "Thank you for contacting DashBet. Thank you for informing us regarding this issue. We regret that we are receiving withdrawal complaint from one our valued customers. In regards with {the player's} withdrawal request, we are currently working on processing his withdrawal. We have  advised {the player} to patiently wait for his withdrawal request to be processed. We will see to it that his withdrawal request will be done as soon as possible."

This comment is not much different than the generic update given by Dashbet on February 26.

A month before that, Dashbet blamed the UK for the new gambling law and a supposed massive wave of withdrawals that caused the sportsbook to be unable to process timely payments.

Dashbet is a D rated sportsbook at SBR.

Players are advised to avoid the outfit as it has shown the inability to process payouts in a timely fashion, despite having no issue accepting deposits instantly, as many users have pointed out.

Dashbet players who have not already done so should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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