Dashbet Sportsbook blacklisted; betting site unable to pay

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Twenty seven Dashbet Sportsbook payout complaints have been received since February 9, 2015.

Players are waiting to be paid over €60,000.

Dashbet is seemingly no longer making an effort to pay players or provide excuses as to the payouts delay. The last known Dashbet Sportsbook payout was February 1.

Dashbet previously pinned the blame on UK gambling legislation for its inability to promptly pay players.

Players and SBR are fed one generic update after the next from the online betting site. The most recent generic statement provided to SBR by a member of Dashbet support reads as follows:

"Dashbet:  "In regards with {name redacted} withdrawal concern, we are currently working on processing his withdrawal.  We have also advised and assured him to patiently wait for his withdrawal request, and we will definitely inform him as soon as it has been processed."

This just isn't good enough. Dashbet is instantly accepting player deposits knowing full well it cannot pay withdrawals or needs even more deposits to try to process withdrawals, a practice commonly referred to as operating on the float.

Dashbet Sportsbook has been adjusted to the rating of D- and has been blacklisted by Sportsbook Review.

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