DafaBet Sportsbook accuses player of illegal betting patterns

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A DafaBet (unrated) player submits a sportsbook complaint. The player registered on November 6th, depositing €160 and receiving an unspecified deposit bonus. The player states that he increased his balance to approximately €700 after one day.  DafaBet then shut the player's account and refunded his deposit

DafaBet: "Please be informed that our system detected that your account has committed illegal betting patterns
together with other similar accounts. As a result our company will take off all your bonuses and winnings as stated in our company’s Terms and Conditions. Kindly take note that you may only withdraw your initial deposit amounting to EUR160."

The player states he knows no other DafaBet account holders and controlled only one account. He states that DafaBet provided no evidence supporting their accusations and he has been given no additional information since having his deposit refunded.

SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

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