DafaBet accuses second bettor of syndicate play

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DafaBet (unrated) has accused a player of "illegal betting patterns" and confiscated €516 in winnings + bonus money. This is the second report from a DafaBet player in as many weeks. The two unrelated players detail similar events: Their funds were confiscated, a generic note given from customer service, and only their deposited funds left in their accounts.

SBR followed up with DafaBet on the first complaint and received the following response from customer service:

DafaBet: "Please be informed that we are looking into your concern, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know. "

Five days later, DafaBet has provided no information to SBR.

DafaBet, owned by parent company Asian Logic Ltd, claims to be licensed and regulated in the Phillippines by CEZA and First Cagayan. Asian Logic nor DafaBet are listed on the First Cagayan website under operators; SBR is following up with the licensor for comment.

DafaBet's generic letter to players: "Upon further review of your account, our system found out that your account is doing fraudulent betting pattern together with other duplicate accounts, breaching both our promotion and website Terms and Conditions. Thus, resulting for your bonuses and winnings to be removed from your account."

It appears that DafaBet is accusing players of syndicate betting. A syndicate refers to a group of players acting in concert, typically to circumvent house limits; though in the past sportsbooks have broadly applied the label, in some cases to players innocent of wrongdoing, such as in the infamous SBG Global confiscations. SBR also reported last week that ToBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) of the Betsson family confiscated winnings accusing players of syndicate play.

As in all instances of confiscation, the burden of proof rests with the sportsbook. Industry standard protects players much in the same way civil rights do human beings in fair societies. 

SBR will update this report.

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