CRSportsBet Player vs. Sportsbook: Family Account Closure

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A CRSportsBet (SBR rating D-) player has claimed that his account was closed and funds confiscated.

The player has claimed that over a year ago he referred his brother to the online sportsbook and that the two wagered without incident for over a year.

He had previously been waiting for a withdrawal for five months.

While CRSportsBet does have a policy limiting players to one account per household, the player argued he did not hide the referral of his brother and that he wagered for over a year while watching games with his brother. Sportsbooks with excellent risk management protocols generally flag same household activity much sooner, preventing the scenario in which a player could argue they were freerolled or able to wager with an opportunity to lose but not collect on profits.

At the very least, if the facts align with the CRSportsBet player's post on SBR Forum the winnings from the original account should be honored. SBR asked if the player knowingly or unknowingly circumvented wagering limits by betting on the same games as his brother.

Sportsbook Review has requested comment from CRSportsBet and will update the newswire as more information is learned. CRSportsBet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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