CRSportsBet player submits $2,000 slow-pay complaint

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A CRSportsBet (SBR rating D) player has reported that he is being slow-paid $2,000.

The player asked for a form of a cheque payout on November 2nd and has yet to receive his funds.

He reports being told multiple times on a weekly basis that he will have tracking details provided so he can monitor the withdrawal, but has yet to be paid.

The last correspondence he had with CRSportsBet was earlier in the day where an apology was given with another claim that a tracking number will be provided - this time the tracking number was promised to be given by tomorrow.

The player has grown concerned that he will not be paid from the relatively new outfit, which accepted its first sports bet online in May of 2015.

Sportsbook Review added CRSportsBet to the rating guide on October 6. The sportsbook management have previously maintained an open line of communication with SBR, though this is the first such payout complaint submitted for SBR's review.

SBR has asked a CRSportsBet manager for an update on the status of the payout complaint, and what contributed to the player's withdrawal seemingly falling through the cracks.

CRSportsBet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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