Cricketbetlive - bonus complaint #3

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A third Cricketbetlive (unrated) complaint has been reported. A Cricketbetlive player opened his account on November 24th, making a £146 wager which was to qualify for a free bet of £50. The player's wager lost, but he was not credited with the free bet. The player states that he called Cricketbetlive, and was told that he was part of a forum where the offer was shared amongst fellow punters. Cricketbetlive provided no evidence that this player was a registered member of the site in question, and would not reverse its decision. | Cricketbetlive complaints

Cricketbetlive bonus complaint #2
On December 9th, 2010, SBR reported that a Cricketbetlive player was not credited with his freebet of £50, despite qualifying for the promotion based on the listed terms and conditions.

Cricketbetlive bonus complaint #1
On December 7th, SBR reported the first instance of a Cricketbetplayer stating that he was not credited for a free bet promotion. The player deposited into his account in November of 2010, placing a £200 wager which should have yielded him a £50 free bet. Cricketbetlive declined to credit the earned bonus, accusing the player of being a member of a forum where the bonus offer was discussed. Cricketbetlive declined to go on the record with SBR to state whether or not the bonus campaign was marketed to the public, or if it instead leaked through word of mouth.

SBR suggests that players do their homework before choosing to deposit at a sportsbook. Often an unranked sportsbook will roll out attractive bonuses to lure in deposits, then unfairly choose to rescind their offer if the player proves to be a non-recreational player. Other sportsbooks fully intend to not honor their advertised bonuses. SBR rates and evaluates over 900 sportsbooks, and lists a fully searchable sportsbook ratings guide to help players make informed decisions before parting with their cash.

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