Congrats SBR Poker winners: Blackbart wins $5,000

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Sportsbook Review congratulates forum poster blackbart for pocketing $5,000 for his first place victory in the SBR Poker Players Championship.

The series ran since August on the SBR Poker platform. Players competed in four daily tournaments against fellow SBR posters and had their standings tracked toward one final blow-out tournament which took place yesterday.

SBR member jack_matz finished runner up and won 30,000 betpoints for his efforts, enough to fund a major electronics purchase from the SBR loyalty points store.

Below are the top 10 winners of the SBR Poker Players Championship.

Rank Username Prize
1 blackbart $5,000
2 jack_matz 30,000 betpoints
3 dankelly 22,000 betpoints
4 ChuckyTheGoat 17,000 betpoints
5 sportfan 15,000 betpoints
6 sweethook 12,000 betpoints
7 GaryDN 10,000 betpoints
8 stevek173 7,000 betpoints
9 Slanina 5,000 betpoints
10 dare 2,000 betpoints

Sportsbook Review poker has sent two players to the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Downloading the application is totally free. SBR Poker runs on Windows machines or Macs using Boot Camp or emulator software.

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