Congrats to Poker Sharps Winners: Craigb wins $5,000

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Craigb bested the field of 99 players who qualified in Saturday's SBR Poker Sharps Championship.

Craigb won the deep stack event, which took place after three and a half months of daily qualifiers, and won $5,000 for his efforts. The daily schedule ran from September 19 to January 4 and measured how many tournament points and cashes a user recorded versus the field.

150,000 betpoints were divided among the contestants who finished from 2nd to 15th. Betpoints can be used to redeem items from the SBR Store.

Rank Username Prize
1st craigp $5,000
2nd boscokid 35,000 betpoints
3rd JAKEPEAVY21 27,000 betpoints
4th katstale 23,000 beptoints
5th ChiefWahoo 17,500 betpoints
6th NoBrainor 12,500 betpoints
7th hhsilver 10,000 betpoints
8th franklee168 6,500 betpoints
9th imack 5,000 betpoints
10th aggieshawn 3,500 betpoints
11th dogkatcher 3,000 betpoints
12th stuler 2,500 betpoints
13th downsouth 2,000 betpoints
14th slanina 1,500 betpoints
15th DGG23 1,000 betpoints

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