Congrats to 2016 SBR Poker Championship Winners

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Sportsbook Review congratulates the winners from Saturday night's SBR Poker championship.

Former SBR Bash poker sharp RonPaul2008 bested a field of 97 contestants in a two hour plus long poker championship capping off months of tournament play.

Below are the top 14 winners from the event along with their respective betpoints payout. Betpoints can be used to redeem items from the SBR Store including electronics, gift cards, or sportsbook cash bonuses for non-US based members.

Rank Username Prize
1 RonPaul2008 45,000 betpoints
2 Jedi Mind Picks 27,500 betpoints
3 ChuckyTheGoat 17,500 betpoints
4 aggieshawn 12,500 betpoints
5 downsouth 7,500 betpoints
6 dralexicdr 5,000 betpoints
7 dogracin 3,000 betpoints
8 ledsep26 2,500 betpoints
9 JAKEPEAVY21 1,500 betpoints
10 4uk4life 1,000 betpoints
11 hhsilver 800 betpoints
12 milenkomit 500 betpoints
13 Cabo 400 betpoints
14 boscokid 300 betpoints

SBR Poker is entirely free to download and play. The software client, which has been certified for fairness, runs on all Windows devices. Mac users are able to partake in the games by installing emulator software or running Boot Camp (a Windows partition) on their computers.

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