Compare 203 Online Sportsbooks: Which is Best For You?

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A total of 203 online sportsbooks rated from A+ to F are listed in the sports betting sites rating guide.

There are a variety of ways to compare sportsbooks by features offered using the sportsbook rating guide, which has been mentioned by the likes of ESPN, and the decision on how to filter these companies is ultimately up to you, the player.

By using the left-hand filter menu, an Amazon style shopping experience is offered allowing players to select sportsbooks based on what matters to them. Most importantly, with an ever-changing legislative landscape, players want to know if a prospective sportsbook caters to their region.

Once a player has confirmed the basics - that a sportsbook serves their country, and maintains a good rating by doing right by players - it is time to get down to the fun stuff. Does the online sportsbook offer bitcoin, for example? Or how about offer monster 10-point+ teaser wagers where you can move the spread dramatically in your favor on American Football?

To compare sportsbooks on a head to head basis, click check box to the left of each sports betting site on the rating guide and compare up to six sportsbooks simultaneously, as shown below:

Compare Multiple Sportsbooks

After selecting the online sportsbooks you want to view head to head, click the red compare button.

Players who simply want to view Sportsbook Review's list of top online sportsbooks for this football season can go directly to the best sportsbooks page. Sports betting sites on the best sportsbooks list need to have operated for a minimum of six years and stayed in good standing with players by paying in a timely fashion and operating honorably.

Sportsbook Review encourages players who would like to document their feedback with sports betting sites to take part in SBR Forum. Players that have unresolved issues are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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