ComeOn Sportsbook's evidence in bonus complaint

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Comeon Sportsbook (unrated) was featured in an SBR report on June 11th. The ComeOn Sportsbook bonus complaints were submitted by users who claimed their winnings were taken and deposits refunded. Sportsbook Review followed up on the disputes with ComeOn, and has received evidence which has cleared ComeOn of wrongdoing in one of the complaints. | ComeOn Sportsbook players bonus fraud

A ComeOn player contacted SBR stating that he deposited $150, increased his funds to more than $1,000 and requested a payout. At the time, the player explained that ComeOn voided his balance on the grounds of a rules violation.

ComeOn player: I ran into a deception on the part of the site (ComeOn Sportsbook). I saw a promotional site Moneybookers, opened an account, made a deposit of $ 150 and started playing. After you complete the bonus conditions I have ordered the payment - more than a thousand dollars. One day I received a message that my account is blocked, and then completely closed. My question about when I pay money support service said that the money they will not be returned. Supposedly I violated their rules and therefore they do not want to pay the winnings.

ComeOn has produced satisfactory evidence linking the above player to ten other account holders. Each of the account holders shared the same IP range plus a number of other similarities, including location and signup details. In addition to the above, Moneybookers reportedly notified ComeOn of inter-account transfers from the related accounts.

ComeOn tells SBR that the eleven related accounts deposited €3,000, withdrawing collectively €10,000, for a net profit of €7,000. ComeOn has reasonably shown that the accounts pertaining to this dispute are guilty of collusion to commit bonus abuse. The player who filed a sportsbook complaint had his original deposit returned to him today.

While SBR is awaiting managements comment and evidence on other ComeOn complaints, ComeOn has thus far cleared itself of wrongdoing. The Malta-based sportsbook is currently under SBR review and is expected to be assessed with an initial rating soon.

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