College Bowl Contest announced: $10,500 + 150k betpoints

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Sportsbook Review has announced a $10,000 and 150,000 betpoints College Football Bowl contest.

The contest format requires 15 picks to be selected with five 3*, 2*, and 1* picks due by December 20.

Following this year's playoff semi-final, players will then make their 16th and final 4* star selection on the BCS Championship game. At this point, players will submit a tiebreaker which consists of the total number of points to be scored in the finale. The closest without going over will be determined winner; if two or more players are still tied, the most correct 3* picks will function as the tiebreaker. Prizes are then split if tied.

Sportsbook Review video host Natalie provides a breakdown on the contest particulars:

The prize-pool breaks down as follows:

Rank Prize
1 $5,000
2 $3,000
3 $2,000
4 50K betpoints
5 35k betpoints
6 27.5k betpoints
7 20k betpoints
8 17.5k betpoints
Last place $500

SBR requires an entry fee of 2,500 betpoints to participate. SBR network users who log-in to the posting forum once a day receive points automatically. The points that are assigned upon log-in can be used for fun in the SBR loyalty sportsbook, casino, and racebook.

Website users that do not have a balance of 2,500 betpoints or wish not to pay the full fee are free to join a team. SBR will attempt to facilitate team forming by posting reminders and video announcements as the contest deadline approaches.

The total prize-pool is double the 2013 edition of the contest.

Players with any questions on the contest structure or how to earn SBR points should write to

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665 Pts
380 Pts
310 Pts
165 Pts

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