Cold Case Update: Betway Sportsbook to Pay Player

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Sportsbook Review reported on November 5th that a Betway (SBR rating C+) player submitted a cold case dispute stemming from a 2012 confiscation of €1300.

The winnings were confiscated in accordance with the controversial and since discontinued 30% rule that led to Betway downgrades and multiple newswire warnings from SBR.

The player in question filed his sportsbook complaint with SBR after reading about multiple Betway players who were credited after the betting site agreed to revisit all cold cases.

The 30% rule and how it functioned
The 30% rule was used as a mechanism to discourage bonus hunters. Players who ran up a balance were at risk of having their winnings confiscated if they made a single wager in excess of 30% of their deposit if they also accepted a sportsbook bonus. The rule was an ugly one: Funds were allowed to be risked by the software and risk management, and only when players attempted to make a withdrawal was the confiscation applied and accounts closed. Only deposits would be refunded to players that were accused of violating the 30% rule.

In addition to cleaning up their bonus rules, Betway found a dispute over registration in a player's favor. SBR reported that a player had his balance in limbo after signing up and selecting the wrong country of residence from the registration menu. The player had played nearly 1,600 hands in the poker room before his account was turned off. Ultimately, it was found that the player did not operate with nefarious intent and his account was reinstated.

Betway players in need of help should write to SBR at Alternatively, players can share their feedback with one another in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

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