Cold Case: Betway player who lost €1300 writes in

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A Betway Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player who had €1300 confiscated in March of 2012 has written Sportsbook Review. The player read a recent SBR report stating that Betway agreed to revisit all past confiscations imposed during the period of time the controversial "30% rule" was in effect. Following a slew of complaints and an SBR downgrade, Betway discontinued the rule.

The 30% rule functioned by removing winnings from players who had accepted a bonus and then wagered 30% or more in excess of their deposit.

For example, a player who deposited $100 and received $50 bonus was at risk of having all winnings confiscated if a single $30 wager was placed. The software would not prevent the wager from being accepted, meaning the bet would be booked, and later reversed.

Players complained that upon asking for a withdrawal their accounts would be audited and winnings confiscated. Betway would return only the deposits of players that wagered in excess of 30% of their deposits. Following numerous complaints, Betway finally discontinued the controversial "gotcha" rule and agreed to revisit cold cases.

Sportsbook Review reported in February that a Betway player was credited after writing in with a 30% winnings complaint. Most recently, Betway resolved a country dispute in a player's favor after the user submitted a complaint.

SBR has followed up with Betway on this latest cold case.

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