Cloudbet Sportsbook Addresses SBR Forum Complaint

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Cloudbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has addressed an SBR Forum member's wagering complaint.

The player initially shared on January 28 that he had two in-play bets voided. He contended they were confirmed as pending and later removed from his wagering history after three minutes.

Cloudbet has provided a statement on the case.

Cloudbet Sportsbook: "The player made some bets on this event, that were correctly graded as wins (and he was paid in full). For example bet ID 3968144. These are the ones showing in his bet history as "pending". He will be able to show you a screenshot of these bets having been settled/paid correctly all along. In addition to this, he also attempted to make additional bets on the same event, which were rejected."

Cloudbet went on to explain that there were network issues that caused the confusion on the status of the bets.

"In this particular case, I can see that the rejection took around 2mins as we experienced network issues with a third party vendor. In this circumstance, the player would NOT have seen a message confirming bet acceptance. They would simply have seen a "bet placing..." status animation, and then a bet rejection notice. They would also NOT have seen a "pending" bet in their bet history. The "pending" bet history entries in his screenshot are from the bets that were successfully placed (and paid). Given these bets were not accepted there is not much we can do here. I trust this concludes the matter. Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues."

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