Cloudbet player reports ungraded bets from May 17

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A Cloudbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has submitted a wagering complaint.

The player has two winning bets stuck as pending and a third bet misgraded as a push.

The wagers were on MLB games on May 17.

He has followed up with Cloudbet multiple times and was told that the bet result is still awaiting confirmation. The player is one of a handful who have complained to SBR as previously reported about tardy wager settlement.

Cloudbet is a bitcoin exclusive sportsbook that was added to the sportsbook rating gide on July 12, 2015.

Cloudbet Player: "It is currently June 4th. I have 2 winning bets stuck as pending. These 2 bets are from May 17. I have reached out to support multiple times, and they say to be patient and "The bet you refer to is still awaiting confirmation. In most cases this is simply due to a delay in getting results." These bets are for MLB games and there is no reason for games from such a popular league to take this long to be confirmed."

Sportsbook Review has asked Cloudbet Sportsbook for comment.

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