Cloudbet player complains of incorrect parlay grading

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Update 4/5/2016: Cloudbet has provided comment on the complaint and stated that "draw" was a listed option on the third leg, meaning the parlay was graded correctly.

A Cloudbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a wagering complaint.

The online sports bettor has taken issue with the grading of a three-team parlay bet he feels he should have won.

Two of the three parlay legs won, while the third leg resulted in a push, so the player pointed out that the payout should have reverted to a two-team parlay, based on the industry standard way of handling parlay (multiple) bets.

Additionally, Cloudbet does not have any published sportsbook grading rules concerning parlays, so the fair assumption would be that the industry standard is followed.

The player shared the wagering print-out showing his ticket number and all three sides with Sportsbook Review. SBR has confirmed that the ticket should have been reverted to a two-team payout and has asked Cloudbet for comment on the grading; it is possibly a clerical error on the part of the Cloudbet wagering team responsible with scoring games.

SBR will update this report once Cloudbet addresses the situation.

Cloudbet players have submitted consistently negative feedback on Cloudbet grading, though the complaints center on tardy grading.

Cloudbet is a bitcoin exclusive sportsbook which was added to the sportsbook rating guide in July of 2015.

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