Clinton, Trump US President odds shorten as Cruz exits race

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*Update 5:29PM ET: John Kasich has officially suspended his campaign.*

*Update 1:57PM ET: John Kasich is expected to hold a press conference later today to announce that he is suspending his campaign, according to two sources who the NY Times quoted in an article today. Kasich's betting odds remain on the board pending the announcement.*

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) dropped out of the Republican Presidential race yesterday after a wide loss to Donald Trump in the state of Indiana.

Cruz, who had recently named Carly Fiorina as his running mate in his bid for the GOP nomination, was an average 20 to 1 shot to be the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Donald Trump is now considered the presumptive Republican nominee to represent his party in a November 2016 showdown with likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Trump Odds to win US Presidency
Trump is priced at +240 to win the general election, meaning that a $100 wager is required to show a net profit of $240.

Clinton Odds to win US Presidency
Clinton is a -250 favorite to be the next President of the United States, which means bettors have to pony up $250 for every $100.

Sanders Odds to win US Presidency
Bernie Sanders is a considerable long shot at +4500 and while he is not far removed from Clinton in delegate counts, the way the Democrats split delegates in accordance to primary performance makes a Clinton victory to be the nominee all but guaranteed.

Kasich Odds to win US Presidency
John Kasich is a +15000 or 150 to 1 long shot, though many political pundits have referred to Kasich as being fourth in now a two-man race: the Ohio Governor is behind even the fallen Marco Rubio in delegates. Kasich rattling off victories in the remaining primaries and preventing Trump from hitting the required delegate count, winning a contested convention, then defeating Hillary Clinton would be a Leicester City of politics moment.

Online sportsbooks are still taking bets on Joe Biden winning the election, likely because of the demand from those who actually believe Clinton could be indicted by the FBI and be prevented from running due to the email scandal she's been ensnared in for much of the last year.

In the unlikely scenario that Clinton is unable to run, there would likely be a contested open convention this July, assuming Sanders did not secure the magic number of delegates needed.

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