Christie's conditional veto: What it means for Atlantic City

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Sportsbook gives a video update discussing New Jersey Chris Christie's recent conditional veto of legislation permitting internet gambling at Atlantic City casinos. This is the second time Gov. Christie has passed on signing such a bill into law. Also covered in today's video is the completion of a major Skril acquisition and news from the AGCC.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed internet gambling bill A2578: Marking the second time the Governor has passed on signing such a bill into law. Christie’s letter encouraged some, as he laid out additional framework he wants to see addressed by the State’s Legislature before signing the bill.

Among the concerns cited were making sure there is more funding for compulsive gambling treatment programs,  and requirements for state officials to disclose their past and present affiliations with entities seeking or holding internet gaming licenses.

"Now is the time for our state to move forward, again leading the way for the nation, by becoming one of the first states to permit Internet gaming," wrote the Governor.

"While Atlantic City's reputation and stature as one of the premier resort destinations on the East Coast are well-chronicled, it is no secret that revenue from the region's most important industries, gaming and tourism, has been in decline."

One person who saw this coming was State Senator Raymond Lesniak, who came on the program for an interview last year. Lesniak stated at the time: "Governor Christie’s first and foremost concern is his national political ambitions unfortunately, and not for the State of New Jersey. The Governor has gotten cold feet on supporting internet gambling after signalling he would support it a few months ago. As you may recall, a year ago he vetoed my legislation in the State of New Jersey. Quite honestly, I’m not sure where he stands right now".

Back to the drawing board for New Jerseyans and their internet gambling bill. Check the SBR newswire for further updates.

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