Choosing a Sportsbook: What Matters to You Most?

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When browsing online sportsbooks and deciding where to place your next bet or create your next account, as a player what matters to you most?

With so many different categories to choose from, Sportsbook Review is interested in hearing from players on their process of elimination or selection when evaluating the pros and cons of new sports betting websites.

Do you factor in items such as what is listed below?

Size of Bonus
Nowdays many players opt to choose sportsbooks based on the size of their bonuses. Players can access sports betting sites by bonuses using the SBR directory. Online sportsbooks in minimum good standing with SBR are listed on the page. Players willing to deal with more risk or less than stellar websites can access more bonuses using the sportsbook rating guide. What rollover is too high for you to consider accepting?

Variety of Deposit Methods
Whether you're a Canadian sports bettor looking for the simplest ways to make a transaction, or if you are strictly an eWallet kind of player, there are many transaction methods to consider. What is your favorite way to deposit or be paid?

Customer Service
Are you willing to look past shoddy customer service if you know the sportsbook of your choosing otherwise serves all of your needs, or is poor customer service a dealbreaker?

Free Transactions
How important is free transactions for depositing and withdrawing to you? Do you rule out a sportsbook based on how much they charge for fees?

Sportsbook Review will be refining the sportsbook rating guide based on user feedback. Players can write to with their answers.

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