Choose Sportsbooks Wisely: SBR News Video Report

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Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom stresses the importance of not being a victim and choosing your online sportsbook wisely.

Like clockwork, dodgy sportsbook operators surface prior to the start of each American football season peddling unrealistic bonuses aimed at luring in new business.

Players must exercise restraint and realize that no bonus, no matter how high, is worth the possibility of being slow-paid or worse by betting sites that have implored these type of tactics on players in the past.

To have the best possible experience, consider word of mouth in the posting forum from other real sports bettors, use the sportsbook rating guide and review each betting site's history of operation, how long they have been in operation, and their overall payment track record from their news profile page.

To access the industry's upper echelon of betting sites, view the best sportsbooks list.

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