CentSports users report payout delays

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CentSports is a free rewards site that gives bettors .10 starting bankrolls as well as additional cash if third-party referral programs are completed. CentSports does not facilitate deposits.

Two CentSports website users contacted SBR stating that they were not paid their rewards checks within the listed time-frame of two months. The players have been waiting for their payout for five and twelve months respectively. | CentSports player comments

The following reports of non-payment from CentSports were delivered to the SBR mailbag:

CentSports player: I won $80 and successfully requested cashout like 5 months ago. A prompt on the screen said I was qualified to check out and the check would arrive in like 2 months. The check is not here yet and no response when I tried to contact them. Would like to know when will I receive my check. Thanks.

CentSports player #2: I have played Cent Sports for a few years now. It was fun and I got a $20 Cashout like 2 years ago. Now last July I got to a $120 cashout that has not been payed. a 12 month wait to get a check is unacceptable.
Is there any way you can help me?

SBR is attempting to contact CentSports management regarding the payout complaints.

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