Casineto slow pays are reported

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Twelve Casineto (SBR rating D) slow pay reports have been reported. The oldest payment request was initiated on May 26th, with the others between July and October of 2009. Players have reported being owed $5464. SBR will attempt to reach Casineto management to discuss these cases.


requested 2 withdrawals from this site:
04.10.2009 15:4 Withdrawal moneybookers withdrawal -900.00
25.10.2009 21:56Withdrawal Moneybookers withdrawal -295.00

They say to me that are going to pay me soon but i am really afraid that thay will not pay me..

I really pray to you,i need your help,this is to mutch money for me..i saw in the forum that you have helped people in my situation,i hope you will help me to!!

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