Casineto players files slowpay complaint

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A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slowplay complaint.  On September 9th & 23rd the player requested a cashout of $450 and $300. Since that time he has sent multiple emails to Casineto inquiring on the status of his funds, and has received only generic updates that his funds would soon be paid. Casineto is a smaller operation which has struggled in the past with prompt payment of players. SBR has a record of over fifteen outstanding slowpay complaints totaling $6660 in owed player funds. SBR will address this complaint and others with Casineto.


i have made 2 withrawls in about 2 weeks, and the first one was on the 9th of semptember 2009 of 450 dls, and after on the 23 of september i have made an 300dlrs withrawl and they i send them regular emails asking what is happennig, and they keep sayying my money will come, but i think it has become incorrect and i realy need some hepl, please contact me.

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