Cantor Sportsbook, Pro NBA Bettor talk beating the house

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Great discussion between professional NBA bettor and poker player Haralabos (Bob) Voulgaris, Cantor Gaming Director of race & sports data Matthew Holt, and gambling writer Chad Millman. The discussion is moderated by Jeff Ma. Early highlights include Voulgaris razzing Cantor Director Matthew Holt while discussing market inefficiencies.

On the ease of access to relevant sports information today

Chad Millman: "I know a lot of guys who have Twitter feeds loaded with the beatwriter in every sport. They're going to the school newspaper websites in college basketball. There are guys I know who used to call the scorer's table before a game was happening and pretend they were calling from another school. Now you can get that information from having a very large, active, voluminous Twitter feed."

On creating equal action on both sides

Matthew Holt: "We can move lines as much as possible, but you can only move a line so much before you put yourself at adverse risk. You don't want to leave large middle opportunities or arb situations. You have to try to do a good job of player profiling."

How lines originate and a bookmaker's goals

Bob Voulgaris: "Bookmaking now is more a game of musical chairs. Most sportsbooks are in the business of avoiding bets. Cantor Gaming probably doesn't even take bets on some of the games they're moving the line on. They see the offshore market move a line, so they're going to move their line. They really don't know what the true numbers are. In reality, the people making the lines are not in the United States, the original line is originating offshore, in Curacao, Pinnacle Sports."

SBR reported that ESPN told the story of Bob Voulgaris last month. Voulgaris utilized his ability to crunch numbers with his unwavering dedication to analyzing NBA game film and managed to discover profitable angles which gave him a betting edge.  Voulgaris has an uncanny ability to recognize patterns and ultimately cashed in largely by betting halftime totals. That particular advantage was negated as sportsbooks adjusted their halftime numbers and Voulgaris went on to a lose a third of his betting bankroll in the 2003-04 NBA season.

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