Canadian authorities confiscate $2.5M in gambling proceeds

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Secondhand smoke is estimated to kill 600,000 people a year by the World Health Organization.  Nearly 11,000 people died in drunk driving accidents in the United States last year: Some of these collisions caused innocent bystanders to lose their lives. The number of people killed by an average Joe sitting in his apartment gambling: Zero.

Why is it then that both the United States and now Canadians are so hell-bent to stop their citizens from doing what millions across the pond enjoy as a personal liberty: Gambling on the outcome of games. Is it to protect children or in fact a punishment for being cut out of the financial take?

That’s the question being asked by the family members of the six individuals arrested in Canada on Super Bowl Sunday in connection with illegal gambling charges. Billy Miller and five associates were put in handcuffs after Canadian police raided an invite-only Super Bowl Party with more than 2,000 guests at a banquet hall in Markham. The party was reportedly the eight annual.

York Police estimate that nearly $2.5 million was seized as well as 20 computers, cell phones and gambling records.
Billy Miller, 49 years old, is the alleged President of the Hells Angels chapter in London, Ontario. Miller is connected to Platinum SB, an offshore betting site with its servers located in Costa Rica: Though a majority of its customers are believed to be credit players from the Greater Toronto Area.

PlatinumSB’s website has since been seized in conjunction with a court order issued by the Attorney General’s office of Ontario. Sportsbook Review has yet to receive any payment complaints from PlatinumSB users and continues to investigate PlatinumSB’s setup.

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