California online poker bill on hold

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California senate bill 1463 was tabled from the state's committee meeting agenda in Sacramento. Bill sponsor State Senator Roderick Wright announced the grim news that the bill would not be discussed, citing more work which needs to be done. Sen. Wright and bill co-sponsor Darrell Steinberg last amended the legislation on June 4th, 2012.

SBR Natalie expands on the breaking news out of California in the below video:

SB1463 establishes a framework to authorize intrastate internet gambling, provided that federal gaming statutes are not violated. This includes the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), as well as the Gambling Devices Transportation Act. In layman's terms, online sports betting would not be permitted under the legislation as long as existing federal statutes were in place.

A recent amendment to the bill was to reduce the amount of time an operator's license from ten to five years. Licensed operators would be able to spread authorized internet gambling games, including online poker, to players within California.

On March 20th, SBR interviewed State Senator Roderick Wright, who spoke on the process of state approved operators ensuring that only Californians could access the online poker and other approved gambling games:

Senator Roderick Wright:  "The online provider of the game would have to verify the identity of the player and verify that he's a resident of California.  Not real hard. You would have to verify who he is. You would apply for your gambling permit with the operator of the game. That's actually the least of the complicated things you would have to worry about."

SBR has asked State Sen. Wright's office for comment on this latest development.

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