bwin (SBR rating C+) poor communication costly to players

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bwin (SBR rating C) poor communication costly to players
SBR routinely receives complaints from bwin players who have had their winnings or bonus confiscated and account closed without explanation. In most cases, bwin has taken just action against fraudulent players. In rare cases when the decision is questionable or the player has a valid wagering dispute, the bettor requires assistance escalating the matter to management. On November 16, a player bet on a halftime line of Gary Mawson (USA) - Kirk Shepherd (ENG) (2Way - Who will win?) Gary Mawson (USA) when Mawson was up 4-0, at odds of 1.1. Bwin canceled the bet without explanation after the event was finished. When SBR first contacted bwin, it stated that the wager was late after the line was supposed to be off the board. The player insisted that his wager was not past-posted and asked for proof. Bwin then admitted the wager was mistakenly canceled. SBR has advised bwin to open discussion with all players and allow each to respond to allegations of fraud, or change to a more manageable bonus program. | Player on frustration dealing with bwin customer support

Player expresses frustration after fighting for funds in closed account:
The point is not that they closed my account. The point is that they disabled my account without even informing me, then they did hardly answer any of my questions for a month. Before after being put under maximum pressure, both from you, the GRA and a couple of journalists they decided to pay my balance. God knows what would have happened if they, if I had not contacted sportsbookreview, not contacted the GRA, not got some journalists to show an interest in my case....
If they had written a mail, reading that they had closed my account and paid my money and refused to give me any reason, I would not have a problem with that. This is however very far from what actually happened.
Even though they paid my balance, no matter if they are entitled to close my account for any or no reason. Their behavior in my case and in maaany other cases (I am sure that you are aware of this) is just ridiculous. Why should they refuse to give me a reason for closing my account, if they in deed have any proper reason other than that I am a winning customer? Why would they need to run an investigation for a month, when they had absolutely no questions to ask me. When they did not request me to send them any papers before the last day begore they paid me out? It does not make any sense! The fact that they very often refuse to give any reasons and that a lot of customers have problems with Bwin tells a story. I think it is weird that you give Bwin an ok rating considering the way they behave and that lots and lots of customers claim that Bwin have frauded them.
Look at it from my point of view. I have done absolutely nothing wrong, but to be able to get the money in my Bwin account, I need to write 40-50 mails.... I have done absolutely nothing wrong, but have needed to put in a weeks work to get the money that is rightfully mine...
I am not asking you do to anything. I am just telling you that your rating of Bwin as C is a dead wrong. If you could give me an explanation of why you give Bwin a better rating than for example Nordicbet? I have worked for Nordicbet before and am very familiar with the company.
I would again like to express my gratitude for your help! As I am curious, I would really like to know if Bwin got back to you and if they did, what did they answer?

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