Bwin closes two accounts citing security reasons

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Bwin (SBR rating C-) has closed two unrelated players account citing security reasons. The first player wagered €177 on a soccer match between Ethnikos Asteras and Piertikos. Bwin locked the player out of the account and stated that an investigation was being conducted into his account, providing no further details. After two weeks Bwin offered to reinstate the players account only if he agreed to cancel the Asteras vs Piertikos bet. The player refused and inquired why the bet could not be settled correctly. Bwin stated that it was waiting for an official ruling that the match was not suspected to have been suspicious from the 'ESSA Organization'. Bwin refunded the players deposits and has claimed it would return the player's winnings if the match was deemed 'regular'.

A second player writes to SBR that after placing a string of Badminton wagers, his account was randomly closed for security purposes. No additional information was provided to the player as to the reason for the account freeze. SBR has written Bwin on both cases.

Player comments:

I put my money on game Ethnikos Asteras- Piertikos. I bet on Piertikos to win with stake 177?. Piertikos won. This bet was not settled for 2 days on my account but after 2 days bwin closed my account (Security reason). After I contacted them they said that my account is under investigation and that I must wait for investigation to finish. Before this day I was betting on bwin normally even made a withdaw and got it. After 1 week I contacted them again and they responded that investigation is not finished. 1 week later I contacted them again and they offered me to open my account again if I agree to cancel this Ethnikos - Piertikos bet. I asked them why, because I did not do anything wrong. They responded that Bwin is connected with ESSA organisation and that they are waiting for Essa response that this game was regular. I also find on internet that someone had also money on Piertikos and that he/she got their winnigs after a few days. So it was a winning bet for someone else but not for me? I wrote to bwin asking them that, but they responded that they cannot give me information about other people. So I responded that I am willing to wait for this ESSa report as there is still hope that I receive my winnings, but I also asked them if they can send me my money I had on my account balance, while I wait. They responded that they reviewed my account and that they decided that my account will remain closed and that they will send me all of my money (account balance and money I had on piertikos game) without winnings. I received money without winnings. I must say that I also put some money on this game on Gamebookers and received my winnings normally. I also wrote to ESSa asking them if something was wrong with this game but got no response. Can someone help me with this? I can even try and get printscreen of this person that also placed bet on this game and won.



today i bet on a few badminton games. I placed a 50 Euro bet on a 5.75 Quote (Game 5, Scotland vs. Bulgaria) and after Scotland won the game, the bet was not evaluated. And then 10 minutes later my account suddenly has been closed with no reason. When i want to log in now, it says "account is investigated, pls contact the support". When i contacted the support, they said, that i should wait and they don't stated how long it would take to solve the problem.



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