Bulldog777 and sister sportsbooks reopen, not without controversy

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Bulldog777 Sportsbook news

Bulldog777, GR88, and Geobet.com (SBR rating D) have reopened their sportsbooks. SBR reported on June 5 that the group of sportsbooks - which operate under parent company Olympian Group - closed due to alleged security issues. A statement was later released from the sportsbook group's CEO Peter Karroll addressing the closure.

The casinos remained open during the sportsbook closure, but players quickly grew tired of the waiting game as during the downtime they could not verify their balances, request a withdrawal, or place any wagers.

CEO Karroll attributed the need for the temporary closure to criminal activity that may have compromised player balances. "We regret that the criminal activity has affected the enjoyment of legitimate players but we felt that this precautionary measure had to be taken", wrote Karroll.

On June 24, SBR reported that a brand manager gave a 48 hour time-frame on the sportsbooks reopening. The time-frame was not honored, which irritated players further. Management later said unexpected software issues caused the need for further API testing.

As of July 17, the Bulldog777, Geobet, and GR88.com sportsbooks each reopened.

A Bulldog777 player filed a sportsbook complaint with SBR stating that he was refunded his £100 deposit while he held a balance of £1379 with around £800 in bonus rollover remaining. SBR followed up with Bulldog777 management and learned that the confiscation was made because the user also accepted a bonus at one of the sister sportsbook brands.

Bulldog777 rule: "You may have accounts at other Network websites (currently GEObet.com, GR88.com and NorthernBearCasino.com) but you are only eligible to receive a First Deposit Bonus once across the network. If you open up a second account, you will not be eligible to receive a second First Deposit Bonus. Any winnings generated with ineligible bonus funds will be invalidated and your original deposit returned to you.”

The rule allows Bulldog777 to exercise what's commonly referred to as a "freeroll" on players. They will accept deposits, credit bonuses, accept wagers, and while players can stand to lose, they cannot profit because of having accepted bonuses at sister sportsbooks. When players are close to completing rollover, Bulldog777 invalidates the action and refunds the deposit.

SBR is arguing this point with management and will likely downgrade the sportsbook group if their position remains unchanged.

Bulldog777, Geobet, and GR88 players in need of assistance are advised to write to SBR.

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