BoyleSports is allegedly freerolling players citing country restrictions

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A BoyleSports player has filed a betting complaint against the sportsbook with SBR.

At the suggestion of a friend who recommended the bookmaker, the player deposited with the intention of wagering on Belgian horse racing. He loaded his account with €250 and proceeded to place three bets, bringing his overall balance up to €3,150.

Within 24 hours, BoyleSports confiscated the player's winnings for a rule which surprised the player.

The player was told that his winnings had been taken due to his residing in a banned country. The player argues that he was able to sign up, select his country of residence, deposit, place three bets, and each of these bets had action and were settled normally. He also says that his friend who suggested he deposit with the betting site in the first place (and who had not turned a profit) never had his account closed, and his losses were honored.

Online sportsbooks are free to choose not to service players from whatever country they like.

However, players cannot be allowed to register and wager and then have the carpet pulled from underneath them and have their winnings taken and losses honored. This is a common practice by scam sportsbooks referred to as a "freeroll"; a situation in which an online sportsbook can profit, but a player cannot.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with BoyleSports to discuss the complaint.

BoyleSports holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission. The license number is 000-039469-R-319383-001. SBR reported on recent new UK gambling legislation this September.


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