Bovada and Bodog Sportsbook upgrading software

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Online sportsbooks Bovada and Bodog upgraded their websites today to be fully responsive.

Responsive designs (websites that automatically readjust based on your screen size) are becoming a new standard replacing traditional standalone "mobile platforms".

As there is an ever-increasing amount of new resolution sizes, smartphones growing on steroids, tablets, and computers for sports bettors to choose from, responsive designs allow webmasters to make their software smoother and to behave as if it was designed for the player's device.

Bovada and Bodog are known for their proprietary software and well-regarded poker room, and have never faired outside of the top 7 in the annual best sportsbooks posters' poll held at the SBR posting forum.

Mobile betting is no longer seen as the way of the future, as it is already is the future and according to some online sportsbooks mobile action counts for at least 50% of volume these days. SBR has asked Bovada management if this percentage holds with their player base, and some additional questions on their plans to roll out more features prior to the beginning of the football season.

Screen captures of new Bovada design:

SBR Summary: The above revised layout will automatically contract and contour to the shape of your device, whether it is a 22'' desktop, your 52'' LED connected to your tower via HDMI, or a four inch smart phone device.
SBR Summary: Player details can be accessed in a single place: Account details, profile, bonus information, and direct messages from Bovada staff.
SBR Summary: Access game status information, market offers, with a quick link to see all betting markets on a page. The bottom of each page contains list views.
SBR Summary: The casino games all play inside your browser without the hassle of downloading a casino app.
SBR Summary: The Bovada staff is always one click away regardless of the page you are on with this new design.

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