Bookmakers Set Largest Total in NFL Playoff History: Packers vs. Falcons

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The NFC championship has set a new sportsbook record as the largest total points market in NFL playoff history opened at 60.5 points in the Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons matchup. Despite this, 62% of sports bettors remain sold on the over and are wagering that a record will be set for the biggest total cash in NFL history. Below is a breakdown of the Packers vs. Falcons betting markets.

In the regular season, The 49ers vs. the Rams closed at exactly 60 points in 2000, and the Raiders vs. Chiefs in 2004 also closed with a total of 60 points.

Packers vs. Falcons Point Spread Market
Currently 56% of all wagers have been placed in favor of Green Bay. However, the point spread opened at 4.5 points and has increased to 6. Whenever the betting market continues to move opposite to the side that has received a majority of wagers, it is an indicator that more total volume has been received on the team enjoying the upward market movement. For instance, Green Bay might have a majority of bets, but the Atlanta Falcons likely have a larger amount staked on them by bettors. Conversely, with money being relatively equal, more sophisticated action is traditionally on the team which has their odds getting worse.

Packers vs. Falcons Money Line Betting
The money line opened at -195 in favor of Atlanta and shot up to -215 to -230 at most sportsbooks, which highlights the importance of line shopping to select the most beneficial odds available. A $230 wager is required to win $100 on the highest side, whilst bettors can save $15 for every $100 risked by choosing one of the online sportsbooks with a cheaper price on the Falcons. Sportsbooks are displayed side by side at the NFL odds grid.

Packers vs. Falcons Total Points Market
In what is the highest total points markets in NFL history, bookmakers opened the Packers vs. Falcons at exactly 60.5 points. Even with this monstrous number, 62% of bettors believe that the total will go over.

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