Bookmaker Sportsbook: SBRforum poster wins $139,756 parlay

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An SBRforum poster has won a life-changing parlay at Bookmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating A+). The SBRforum poster has agreed to an interview with SBR to discuss his ten team, $139,756 parlay win. The lucky player is also the subject of a celebratory press release..... read more.. read more.

SBRforum interview with the lucky Bookmaker player and forum member (continued at bottom):

SBR: Congratulations on your 10-team parlay win! Can you tell us a little bit about what your state of mind was when you made the parlay? Was this a normal bet for you, did you place straight wagers on any of the teams straight up? Were you "chasing" as they call it when making this wager?

Winning poster: I do lots of parlays for fun. I do straight bets as well when I find value. I was actually confident about most of the picks in the parlay. I think only one game was close out of those 10 picks. Rest of the 9 picks won pretty comfortably. So, I wasn't doing a lot of sweating in these games.

SBR: That's certainly brazen of you. I've got to ask since we're all curious here, what do you plan to do with the winnings? Any definite plans already?

Winning poster: I am planning to donate part of the winnings to Japan Earth Quake Relief. They need all of our help now. Besides that, I want to pay off my education loans. The rest, I am planning to invest in some stocks / ventures.

SBR: What were you thinking watching the games? How badly were you sweating on the last pick?

Winning poster: I wasn't worried too much about the parlay to be frank. If this parlay lost, I can make another parlay...that was my thinking .  As I mentioned earlier, most of my picks won comfortably. So, I didnt have to sweat most of my games. I was also confident with most of the picks I made.

SBR: Did you hedge out of this parlay at all?

Winning poster: Yes. I did hedge my last leg. I had Pacers ML in my parlay against the nets. I hedged by taking Nets ML for 5k. But I didn't hedge in any of the remaining 9 legs. pays out $139,000+ to a single winner
San José, Costa Rica - Loyal customer D.N. -whose identity and location are protected for confidentiality reasons-, received a US$139,755 payout for his 10-team parlay winnings at

D.N. is part of the select list of customers who risk a small amount of money in a very complex play, to get as much as 2,000 times the investment in return. "We take pride in congratulating clients like D and always welcome them and feel happy when they accomplish something like this," said Tony Harvey, Risk Manager of

His winning combination consisted of NBA, NHL, CBB games and totals. "I am planning to donate part of the winnings to Japan Earthquake Relief, they need all of our help now. I will pay off my education loans and invest in some stocks and ventures" he said. "I have been doing parlays for a while now just for fun. Though I realized the odds of hitting a big parlay are tough, I was optimistic about this one."

D.N. came to play with thanks to a review he read on SBR Forum. "I came to know about your book from SBR Forum. Before that, I had no idea. SBR Forum has been very helpful and is a great place to interact with other players and to know about various sports books," he added.

"Having a case such as D.N.'s in is only another sample of our leadership and strengthens our credibility in the industry. We congratulate him and hope this achievement helps him reaching all the goals he has in mind," Harvey stated.

The Play:

CBB -Texas vs. San Antonio / Total u72 -110
NBA -Washington vs. Toronto / Total o104 ½ -110
CBB - St. Peter's vs. Purdue / Total u65 -110
NBA - Portland / ML -255
CBB - Morehead vs. Richmond / Total u65 ½ -110
NHL - NY Islanders / +1½-270
CBB - North Carolina / -3-115
NBA - Phoenix / ML -110
CBB - Texas / -6 -110
NBA - Indiana / ML -160

Risked: US$ 500 - Won: US$ 139,755


SBR: Are there any more 10-team parlays in your future, will your betting strategy change at all in light of the bankroll freedom a win this big surely must provide?

Winning poster: Yes. I will continue to do parlays. They are lots of fun with big payouts . Yes, they are tough to hit....but when you do hit, it feels great . Of course, I will be making lot of straight bets as well. But I pick my spots with those. I am looking forward to NBA playoffs this year. Its always profitable .

SBR: Are there any fellow SBRforum posters who know about this awesome score? Do you talk to or tail any posters on a regular basis?

Winning poster: No, I dont think I have mentioned about my winnings to anybody here in SBR. I am not a show-off. There are many sharp posters here in SBR who win much more than I do. So, I dont boast about my winnings. In terms of whom I tail, I used to follow (SBRforum poster) Lakerboy. But he is not posting much this year. I do check out some of the leans by (SBRforum poster) No Coin. But generally, I cap my own games. I do however check out some of the leans by posters. There are always people who have meaningful insights here .

SBR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. I have just one last question for you, do you plan on renewing your SBR Pro membership next year?

Winning poster: Of course. I will be a SBR Pro forever. I love SBR.


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