Bookmaker Favbet back online after 5 days of "maintenance"

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Favbet, a bookmaker unrated by SBR that services Eastern Europe, is online again after having been down for over 5 days.

Two different bettors have reported that they now have access to the sportsbook but cannot yet log in to the betting site.

It is worth noting that in October of this year Favbet was blocked by the Russian Government. It is unknown how much business Favbet lost when it was censored or if the sportsbook is using the revolving website domain trick.

It is common for sportsbooks to circumvent censorship in countries like Russia and China by continuing to change its sportsbook's URL, either by adding random numbers to it or using a unique domain name altogether.

SBR Poster hinkel was the first Favbet bettor to complain:

For 3 Days, this Bookmaker isn`t available anymore. Any Inormations availale, what hapened? yesterday they have posted a Statement, but nothing has changed so far, they were limiting very fast, but never had Problems with them

Bettors speculated that Favbet may have been victim of a denial of service attack. Favbet emailed players on Christmas day stating: 

Dear friends! Unfortunately, the maintenance doesn’t always end at the scheduled time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we have to ask you to be patient a little longer. Soon we will finish the maintenance work and get back to you! Have a nice day! FavBet team" 

Favbet players in need of assistance are encouraged to write to

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