Bonus hunters beware of Low rated Sportsbooks

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Seasoned sportsbook players understand that it can be difficult to sustain a winning streak over the course of a year. So, every little cash bonus or free bet is regarded as an opportunity with an expectation of value. The term generally floated around by experienced players is EV. Most of the time a smart player will hunt bonuses, trigger finger on their Neteller and Skrill accounts ready to roll.

These players will fire deposits into whatever shop has the biggest and boldest bonus program.

The biggest issue with this approach is that many of the premier, established online sportsbooks (such as those in the SBR Recommended List) have already built their empires. They have many thousands of loyal customers and continue to grow annually based on their identities within the gaming industry. These sportsbooks often don't feel the need to throw everything except the kitchen sink at a player to entice their deposit. You won't see a 100% bonus all too often and certainly not without a giant rollover: Some of these sportsbooks haven't updated their homepage layout in years and do very little marketing. As these top level sportsbooks don't aim to offer the biggest and best bonuses or make the number of their ongoing promotions an area of emphasis, a bonus chaser who would rather hunt offers or look for arbitrage opportunities typically blows right past the A+ rated sportsbooks. That's where things get messy.

Don't deposit blindly

Players that roll the dice before even placing a bet are asking for trouble. SBR receives hundreds of sportsbook complaints per month and many of these begin with "I accepted a bonus...". While there are many reputable sportsbooks that make an effort to offer competitive sportsbook bonuses, there are many more with dishonest intentions. Many that accept more deposits than can be paid out, who operate in jurisdictions with no oversight from reputable gaming commissions, or that take significantly longer than their advertised payout times to send a player his money. Before deciding that a 100% bonus deserves your business, decide how important it is to be paid on time without having your funds held hostage by characters so unsavory you'd cross the street to avoid.

Online betting is a lot like shopping on Amazon. Consumers want to impulse buy. Unlike shopping for merchandise where reviews can quickly be scanned, a majority of customers of online sportsbooks find the websites directly, have a quick gander, then decide to jump in with both feet. The mission statement of Sportsbook is to act as a better business bureau for these customers: A source of pertinent information that can save a bettor headaches down the road. Between the sportsbook ratings guide which ranks companies from a rating scale of A+ to F, comparing features from betting markets to currencies accepted, the full fledged in-depth reviews and office tours of the recommended list sportsbooks, players are armed with valuable quick-hitting information that can make the difference from being paid on time or getting stiffed. Players can also share feedback with one another through the the Sportsbook & Industry forum.

If you have stumbled into a low rated sportsbook that is dealing with you in a manner you think is unfair, please take the time to submit a sportsbook complaint.

Follow on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to

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