Bodugi Sportsbook's license revoked by UK Gambling Commission

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Bodugi Sportsbook (unrated) has had their gambling license revoked by the UK Gambling Commission. Bodugi had allegedly been slow-paying and no-paying customers since as early as February 2014, when their license was first brought under scrutiny. Since that time, numerous complaints from users accumulated and Bodugi failed to act on these reports.

The following is the UK Gambling Commission's notice on the revocation of the Bodugi gambling license:

Following a review the Gambling Commission has revoked remote operating license number 028788-R-310237-001 (Bodugi Limited). Having considered all the available information, the Commission decided to revoke the license under sections 117(1)(f) and 119(1) of the Gambling Act 2005.

The reasons for the revocation are as follows:

(1) Bodugi Limited is unsuitable to carry out its licensed activities in a manner which is consistent with the licensing objectives

(2) The licensee has failed to cooperate with this review.

(3) One or more conditions of the license has been breached.”

The UK Gambling Commission has been under fire recently for the high profile collapse of Canbet Sportsbook under their watch. Canbet players have reported being owed more than $800,000 in complaints filed with SBR. Globet Sportsbook has also vanished into thin air after surrending their UK Gambling license; Globet users have reported being owed more than $25,000.

SBR encourages Bodugi Sportsbook players who have not already done so to file a sportsbook complaint.

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