Bluesquare (SBR rating A-) failing to honor offered incentives

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Player: This is the second time this bookmaker has done this.  I have not lost money here, but I am somewhat dismayed that you have them so highly rated when they are essentially engaging in fraud by attratcting punters with attractive offers and then changing/removing them.

Two months or so ago BSQ offered an excellent promotion with a free bet, then changed their minds and actually took the bets out of punters accounts. Perhaps SBR took the position at the time that BSQ had a bigger-than-expected turnout, etc.  However, it is not very long afterward and we are here again. Yesterday, I got the attached email.  I see nothing at all ambiguous about it. Place a bet on racing and get a free bet, up to £100, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This morning, bluesq have changed the offer to a £5 free bet instead, relying on a general clause on their site that says they can do anything they want.

BS to SBR:
Many thanks for your email regarding our promotion from last week. We always strive to give customers the best possible deal we can with value offers and innovative bets. Occasionally we do a promotion which circumstances later dictate that we change. Although we try not to do this sometimes it is unfortunately a necessity and is covered within the terms and conditions of the use of our website. Moving forward, should you require any assistance now or in the future then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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