Bitcoin value hovering around $352 mark Saturday

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Bitcoin (BTC) reached a high of $427 for November 2014, but approaching the end of the business day on November 22 the price has settled around $352 for one bitcoin.

Sportsbook Review has reported several times on the pricing swings of Bitcoin and how the risk averse sports bettors may be gun-shy to unload with large deposits until the currency displays more stability in day to day pricing.

SBR created a bitcoin sportsbook reviews page this summer comparing betting sites to support bitcoin. Most recently, Nitrogen Sports was the established with the first ever rating for a bitcoin betting site, debuting with a rating of B in the sportsbook ratings guide.

Bitcoin pricing fluctuations from the last week, graph powered by

Date Close Change
2014-11-22 $352.04 0.91%
2014-11-21 $348.86 -2.04%
2014-11-20 $356.14 -5.59%
2014-11-19 $377.24 1.31%
2014-11-18 $372.38 -3.49%
2014-11-17 $385.86 -0.69%
2014-11-16 $388.55 3.58%
2014-11-15 $375.13 -5.85%

Player advantages to using bitcoin are the virtually nonexistent transaction fees and the ease of moving funds from point A to B. Prior to the passage of the UIGEA in 2006, there has not been a time where North American users could as easily fund and withdraw from their online sportsbook accounts.

Still, bitcoin has a ways to go, despite the progress becoming more of a mainstay on the global commerce roadmap, including the additions of worldwide ATMs.

Sportsbook Review is interested to hear feedback from bitcoin sports bettors and the kinds of categories that matter to them when evaluating a bitcoin site. Online sportsbooks 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) and Heritage (SBR rating A) are the two most major online sportsbooks to add bitcoin support to their cashier.

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