Bitcoin staying steady at $237 range

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Bitcoin has continued to remain steady at around the $237 mark.

Another week of consistency for proponents of the anonymous crypto-currency and those who are believers of its value to sports bettors can only be seen as a good thing; if bitcoin stays the course or increases in value to close the year, 2016 is likely to contain many more online sports betting sites offering the currency.

Sportsbook Review has reported extensively on the challenges bitcoin has standing in its way of becoming a full-fledged sports betting option and transactional power house - namely the fact that bettors who are risk-averse and are teetering along the edge of a break even win rate as is cannot afford the uncertainty of making 5% less on account of BTC fluctuations.

As a result of wild previous movement, being up 12% and then hitting all-time lows, bettors on the fence of getting involved with bitcoin have stayed in observation mode, cautiously on the sidelines while those more tolerant of risk soldiered on ahead.

The average player is somewhere in-between; not wanting to get taxed unnecessarily for every transaction, but recognizing the value of easily moving funds.

Bitcoin sportsbooks have their challenges to be sure, but players should be weary of brand new betting sites anyways when there are so many reputable, long-term businesses that have proven their honor and financial strength long before bitcoin exploded in popularity, and who are a heck of a lot more likely to be around than bitcoin is to be a subject of relevance 10 years from now.

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