Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen added to reduced juice list

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Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) has been added to the reduced juice sportsbooks list.

SBR added Nitrogen Sports to the ratings guide on September 24 after completing an in-depth review of the betting site.

Nitrogen, given the anonymous nature of bitcoin, does not require personally identifying information from their players.

So, what does reduced juice refer to?

Reduced juice sportsbooks offer users wagering markets at a cheaper cost than the traditional -110 lines. For active players, this benefit can lead to massive savings over the long-term, and functions as a long-standing bonus of sorts. As a result, reduced juice betting sites normally do not offer large sign-up or reload bonuses, and may have higher transaction fees.

Wagering at a reduced juice sportsbook means that players are treated to an instant discount on their wager.s Take the following as a practical example:

  1. At -110 odds, player A bets $110 to win $100. Full vig
  2. At -107 odds, player A bets $107 to win $100. Discount: 30%
  3. At -105 odds, player A bets $105 to win $100. Discount: 50%

Players should also take note of what has been a common practice in the reduced juice market: Juice Manipulation. While a 10 cent line may spell less commission for the sportsbook, it does not necessarily mean a better price for the player on a given event, as shown in the examples below:

  1. 10 cent line (-105/-105) + Juice Manipulation = -124/+114
  2. 14 cent line (-107/-107) + Juice Manipulation = -124/+110

A typical line for any given event may look like this:

  • Team A: -7 -110
  • Team B: +7 -110

After juice manipulation, the same wager will end up looking like one of the following examples:

  • Team A: -7 -124
  • Team B: +7 +114
  • Team A: -7 -124
  • Team B: +7 +110

It's important that players are aware of the differences between the traditional bookmaking models (-110) and the juice manipulation that happens in the market. Sportsbook Review believes that the reduced juice page is a very useful tool for all players, even those that prefer the traditional percentage based bonus model.

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