Bitcoin Soars Past $1,000 to Start the New Year

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Digital currency bitcoin is off to an explosive start in 2017 cracking $1,020 early Monday morning.

Gamblers who had to return to the office Monday morning were likely notified through smartphone applications that monitor the price of the digital coin.

Many such players opt to store a percentage of their bankroll in bitcoin. By doing so, when the value of bitcoin appreciates, a player's bankroll grows right along with the digital currency. Players who aren't keen on speculating on the price of bitcoin along with handicapping sports games can still go for a sportsbook that converts bitcoin to their native currency.

The online sportsbooks rating guide includes a filter option for bettors to shop by sportsbooks that are bitcoin exclusive as well as those that convert to traditional fiat.

While some have been reluctant to make the transition to bitcoin, there is not a steep learning curve involved.

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