Bitcoin skyrockets up to $528 as sports gamblers celebrate

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Bitcoin has had a monster previous 48 hours climbing from $453.82 up to $528 as of this publication.

Online sports gamblers who also double as investors or who simply have bitcoin available in their wallets are celebrating the news on SBR Forum.

More than 30 online sportsbooks added bitcoin to their cashiers in the last year and a half to allow players a cheap and easy way to fund their sports betting accounts as it has become impossibly difficult in certain markets to do so.

Sportsbook Review conducted a four-part bitcoin webinar recently educating online bettors on the ins and out of using bitcoin, the risks and rewards, and more. Check the bitcoin sports betting forum for more details.

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Date Close Change
2016-05-27 $473.47 4.33%
2016-05-26 $453.82 1.02%
2016-05-25 $449.23 0.92%
2016-05-24 $445.13 0.31%
2016-05-23 $443.73 1.13%
2016-05-22 $438.77 -0.98%
2016-05-21 $443.14 0.04%
2016-05-20 $442.95 1.43%

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