Bitcoin Sets New All-Time High as Gamblers Rejoice

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Sports gamblers who wager exclusively in bitcoin have enjoyed massive gains as the digital cryptocurrency is on the doorstep of $2,000.

Bitcoin was trading in the low $1,000 range just two months ago and has continued its meteoric rise amid positive mainstream media headlines and less infighting among its core developers.

SBR Forum members are actively tracking the price and speculating on what's next for the cryptocurrency, as well as discussing the value of another cryptocurrency, Litecoin, which is supported at sportsbook BetOnline (SBR rating A+) and is enjoying its own price increase.

Why is Bitcoin So Popular with Sports Bettors?
While there is an initial learning curve in becoming acquainted with bitcoin in and of itself, gamblers who use bitcoin are not slowed down by hit and miss acceptance rates or having to leave their home to make a transaction with an online sportsbook. A total of 50 sportsbooks support bitcoin for player deposits and withdrawals. The most recent sportsbook to add bitcoin is popular Jamaica based betting site The Greek (SBR rating A+).

Sportsbook Review put together a written and video tutorial showing bettors how to get started using bitcoin.

What is the Difference with Bitcoin Accepting Sportsbooks?
All bitcoin sportsbooks are not the same. There are two key differences:

1. Sportsbooks that convert bitcoin deposits to USD or EUR

2. Sportsbooks that leave deposits in BTC.

Sportsbooks that convert bitcoin deposits essentially protect players from the fluctuations in value that have dogged bitcoin over its short history, while those with risk tolerance may have made out OK, many jumped off the ship during one of bitcoin's numerous seesaws in value and lost money. Gamblers who don't want to worry about the price of the coin in addition to picking winners should choose sportsbooks in this bucket.

Bettors who are comfortable with the level of risk associated with bitcoin may find more value in dipping into both the sports betting and cryptocurrency speculating fields; with bitcoin exclusive betting sites users profit even without placing a bet assuming BTC's continued growth.

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