Bitcoin Market Watch: BTC trades at $250

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Bitcoin (BTC) is harboring around the $250 mark at the close of the business day Sunday.

The anonymous crypto-currency has been more consistent the last quarter of the year, compelling some online sports bettors to consider depositing with a sportsbook through bitcoin.

Sportsbook Review has a bitcoin betting sites guide for players seeking additional information.

The bitcoin betting list includes online sportsbooks that exclusively except and pay out through bitcoin.

The first such online sports website to hold a rating with SBR is Nitrogen Sports, who was introduced to the sportsbook rating guide with the mark of B last August. Nitrogen told SBR that they were considering adding more traditional currencies like USD in the past when bitcoin fluctuations where more erratic, and players were left scurrying for other options to avoid having their bankrolls deplete overnight.

Consistency is key for bitcoin bettors, as while the ease of transactions and the free nature of using BTC triggers memories of pre-UIGEA days where deposits with eWallets like Neteller allowed for simple and quick transactions, the currency must hold onto its own or else it's all for not.

This is another reason why established online sportsbooks who have been in the game long before bitcoin burst onto the scene may allow players the best of both worlds; online betting websites like 5Dimes, Heritage, and Bookmaker allow deposits in bitcoin but do not force all withdrawals to be cashed out the same way, meaning a player is somewhat protected by decrease in BTC value.

Sportsbook Review will continue to cover the movement of bitcoin and the online sportsbooks who add the crypto-currency to their cashiers.

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